Case Study

SDG Action Zone

Global virtual conference that include live and on-demand content over the course of three days during the UN General Assembly.

SDG Action Zone

The Challenge

Fully virtualizing an event with a global reach of 5,000,000 people worldwide, promoting action and resilience through sustainability. The role of the SDG Action Zone was to provide a more transparent and in depth look into the UNGA (High-Level week) and also promote action towards the Sustainable Development Goals as well.


  • Successful and flawless remote participation of speakers from all over the globe.
  • Innovative approach to transmitting the key messages.
  • Mixture of content - musical, dialogues and so on.
  • Diverse agenda, also available on demand.
  • Limitless audience engagement throughout the event.
  • Execution of the event fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Solution

A more than successful virtual event reaching over 500,000,000 people worldwide. The key messages of the SDG Action Zone were able to reach half a billion people and, due to the high level of discussions, hopefully prompted immediate action. The hugely successful event was able to utilize cutting-edge technology to provide an environment for collaboration to all participants and was able to truly engage with the wide audience.


On behalf of the UN SDG Strategy Hub and the SDG Action Zone, we would like to extend a very warm thank you for you and your team's amazing work at this year's SDG Action Zone. We were able to turn the SDG Action Zone into a global movement that inspires, mobilizes, and reizes awareness and we could not have achieved this without you and your team's dedication and contribution. Thank you to The Virtual Show - who stepped in with unparalleled dedication to deliver a beautiful platform event amidst the time constraints. You showed what was possible, and that virtual events can be convened in a way that does not diminish meaningful impact.

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