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Webit Virtual

TVS proudly powers the world's largest and premier tech and innovation festival - Webit.Festival to transform into a virtual global thought leadership network and empowers Webit to establish its global festivals in the virtual space also.

Webit Virtual

The Challenge

The offline B2B events industry is highly ineffective, requires a lot of resources, with a very high CO2 footprint (because of the travel, the short term rents and building, dismantling very expensive exhibition spaces) and provides limited tools for measuring and achieving success for most of the participants in the event.

At the same time B2C events are to suffer a major disruption due to Coronavirus and the new normal, which shall be a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. It will require a long time for full recovery of transport and health services, as well as overcoming health security concerns.

The Solution

Webit Virtual | The Thought Leadership Network is a logical continuation of Webit's 12 years of success, building one of the world's biggest impact communities and producing the world's biggest and premier tech and innovation festival - Webit.Festival with over than 15 000 in person attendees which now multiplied that number reaching 300 000 views per episode.

Each Webit Virtual Program consists of a thought leadership keynote, a fireside chat, discussion panel and a StartUp PITCH Session with 3 selected startups, upcoming global leaders in the specific industry vertical and Q&A with Investors Judging panel.


TheVirtual.Show is a unique combination of the most powerful and yet easy to set up and use solution for our events. We have been researching the virtual events platform for a while and definitely this is the most powerful solution out there. I have never thought that it could be so straight forward to use a digital platform and to transform a 15,000 attendees B2B event with 300 exhibitors and tens of sponsors into a virtual experience with such a breeze.

TheVirtual.Show also powers our daily Webit Virtual Programs which resembles a single conference (virtual summit) of several thousand people. Thanks to TVS Webit has doubled the size of our audience from the premier virtual edition!

The whole solutions is scalable for virtual events from small workshops of tens/hundreds to huge congresses of tens/hundreds of thousands of attendees and very reliable while the client service is amazing.

Plamen Russev
Dr. Plamen Russev,
Founder and 
Executive Chairman, 


C-level / Top Management Attendance
views per episode
25 min
average time watching the programme per person
1:1 meetings
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Approval rate of the content
Average engagement time



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