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The Company

The Company

The Virtual Show Ltd. is an European company, registered under company number 206099895, Varna, European Union.

We strive to provide the best in the class software platform for in-person, hybrid and virtual events regardless of the size from 10 people to hundreds of thousands of attendees.

Forbes recently announced TVS among the top 3 event virtualization platforms in the world!

The team

The Virtual Show is a joint venture between CE Europe's fastest growing enterprise software solution company - Bulpros, employing over 1800 software experts currently and an events team with over 45 cumulative years of experience in in-person and virtual events planning and execution.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the state of the events industry and provide the most sustainable and resilient business solutions for all event planners around the world packed in a one-stop-shop software platform and events business services.

The COVID-19 Effect

The COVID-19 Effect

The over $1 trillion global events industry was disrupted by COVID-19 crisis. We receive hundreds of requests daily for virtual events and we are here to support event planners, organizers, venues and their partners in the domain of virtual events as well as support you making the most from the current challenging situation and make a difference.

Regardless of the fact that in-person events are perceived by marketteres as the most efficient channel to achieve the marketing and business goals of a company, there is a lot of space to improve. This is the role of TheVitual.Show. We look at our role in growing the value for event planners while adding much bigger value for the attendees, exhibitors and partners regardless of the format of the event, namely in-person, hybrid or virtual.

The Green Deal

TVS is providing a solution for all event types from small workshops and roundtables to large scale trade shows and job fairs. The experience through our platform is so immersive and the networking is so effective and content presentation formats are so impactful - we create the perfect grounds for your event to be more effective in the virtual space.

2 kg
Waste per attendее
170 kg
CO2 emissions per attendее

In this respect we support the green deal. In an in-person conference an average attendee produces over 170 kilograms of CO2 emissions per day and approximatelly 2 kilograms of waste.

6,000 kg
Waste per event
510,000 kg
CO2 emissions per event

A 3 day conference with 1000 attendees would create 510 000 kilograms of CO2 and 6000 kilograms of waste. Over 3000 kilograms of the waste despite recycling will end up on the landfill.

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