Case Study

Grey Cup Unite by CFL

Virtual conference for large sport organization

The Challenge

Virtualizing the first ever sports event hosting over 100,000 attendees and being fully interactive for participants and viewers alike. The first ever in history virtual Grey Cup Unite brought together thousands of fans who were able to enjoy the rich variety of content in a number of ways, including on demand viewing on 3 different stages, throughout 7 days.


  • Casual networking between attendees - networking lounges facilitating 1:1 meetings, private chat options between attendees
  • Professionally produced business content - the business aspect featured 6+ different styles and designs and elements that contributed to a dynamic content production process
  • Custom lobby designs featuring custom branding and mapping of the virtual venue
  • Custom hall designs allowing for integrations of agenda, sponsor logos and more
  • On demand video available shortly after the event that could be accessed by attendees at their convenience
  • Variety of content types throughout the 3 stages, including live and pre-recorded content
  • Dedicated support personnel throughout the event responsible for the prompt address of any user inquiry

The Solution

The first virtual Grey Cup Unite 2020 event resulted in a successful virtual event with a number of aspects that gave the audience the opportunity to enjoy the event’s various aspects, from different content sessions to limitless networking capabilities. The tailored virtual venue provided access to different functionalities, including a preferential partner page for even increased visibility of key stakeholders.

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