is a one-stop-shop solution for every event organizer in the world,
helping turn any type of offline event (B2C, B2B, B2G)
into a fulfilling virtual experience.

What we offer?


Virtual Venue

Virtual venue with the best Internet connectivity for top speed and best experience of your virtual attendees. Guaranteed opportunity to host from ten to tens of thousands of virtual attendees (viewers)

Event Registration and ticket sales

Ticket sales office with all custom integration capabilities and opportunity to sell all types of tickets with discount from 0% to 100%, group discounts, 2in1 offers, affiliate ticket sales to name some of the options you may customize for your event.

Stages and Stunning Stage Design & Production

Unique look and feel as no one else - including template or custom made virtual screens and stages for your event.
Supporting the content creation and content sharing - presentations, video, sound and speakers satisfaction.

Event Networking

Unparalleled Attendee Networking Platform & Solution like no other! Our partners call it the "Guided Serendipity" and we guarantee that your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers will simply love!
Special networking and contact exchange solutions to make the experience of your virtual attendees amazing and to guarantee their success.

Event App

There is no offline or virtual event without a great event app. You will have award winning event app for your attendees including detailed agenda, speakers info and profiles, content tracks, calendar.

Scalability and unlimited formats

Unlimited opportunities for sub events (by you or your partners), virtual workshops, virtual roundtables, virtual hackathons to name a few.

Trade Show

Virtual expo stands, virtual meeting rooms and sponsorship zones for your exhibitors and sponsors. Opportunities to host or to provide to your sponsors from 1:1 meeting rooms or 1:50 workshops, sales meetings, product demos, etc.

You are in control

Full attendees statistics including countries, time spent at the virtual events, interests, activities and dynamics, attention to the content and many more.

And more

TheVirtual.Show can help the marketing of your event better, support you find top keynote speakers and create additions experiences for your attendees.

Case Study

TheVirtual.Show proudly powers the world's largest and premier tech and innovation festival - Webit.Festival to transform into a virtual global thought leadership network and empowers Webit to establish its global festivals in the virtual space also.

Thanks to TheVirtual.Show Webit may still have its trade show and exhibition, sponsorship deals, special, virtual meeting rooms, 15 parallel stages (content tracks) and unparalleled event networking and matching app.

We can offer Highly Customisable, Unique or Pre-set Virtual Stages of the Live Event

Official Live Streaming Virtual Room
Keynote Speech
Fireside Chat
Presentation Format (Speaker and Shared Presentation Screen)
Discussion Panel with 4 people
Discussion Panel with 5 people
Round table with 6 participants
Participants and large screens in the Virtual Studio
Participants and large screens in the Virtual Studio


Create awesome event experiences.

Corporate Events

Connect with your staff, clients and stakeholders, on a personal level, like never before. TheVirtual.Show provides a unique model of inner-company communication.

Networking Events

1 on 1 digital networking that allows for dynamic connection between people.


Virtual meetings that bypass the usual communication barriers and make connections that last.


Create a unique, personalized program for your digital summit using our platform.


TheVirtual.Show re-defines the possibilities of a conference by allowing you to include all types of personalization and variations of content display.

Trade fairs

The possibilities for virtual Trade fairs are limitless. You can set up your very own digital booths that allow people to experience the product that is being exhibited.

Expositions and Exhibitions

Using our innovative solution you can choose how you present your content. Adding virtual stands to your expos and exhibitions is a certain possibility, that will provide your audience with the ability of communicating with presenters.

Broadcast transformation

With theVirtual.Show’s platform you can upgrade your broadcast. We offer ways to monetize your production and add additional panels while you enjoy the full functionality of our platform.

Cross-platform events

Our platform allows you to transfer your physical event online. You can broadcast your event using all of our platform’s tools to a wider audience, without physical constraints.

Web Conferences

With TheVirtual.Show’s services your webinars or webcasts are no longer a form of one-sided communication. You can actively engage with your audience.

Online Courses / classes

Re-define your online classes with the help of our platform. We can help turn what was a simple online course into a paid-for event production, with all the benefits.


Hosting a virtual workshop has never been easier. You can choose how to distribute your content between different parts of your audience in seconds.



TheVirtual.Show is a unique combination of the most powerful and yet easy to set up and use solution for our events. We have been researching the virtual events platform for a while and definitely this is the most powerful solution out there. I have never thought that it could be so straight forward to use a digital platform and to transform a 15,000 attendees B2B event with 300 exhibitors and tens of sponsors into a virtual experience with such a breeze.

TheVirtual.Show also powers our daily Webit Virtual Programs which resembles a single conference (virtual summit) of several thousand people. Thanks to TheVirtual.Show Webit has doubled the size of our audience from the premier virtual edition!

The whole solutions is scalable for virtual events from small workshops of tens/hundreds to huge congresses of tens/hundreds of thousands of attendees and very reliable while the client service is amazing.

profile Dr. Plamen Russev,
Founder and Executive Chairman, Webit.Festival

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