Regional /Global in the Metaverse - international scientific conference

On 31 October 2022 from 5.00pm EET will be held a one-day international live streaming conference Regional / Global in the Metaverse which is realized as part of the scientific project “A model of an effective visual communication and media environment for forming and education of new audiences in the field of arts and cultural and creative industries through shared space".

The virtual event will offer to the audience more the 20 prominent names from academia and the industry: View all

All presentations from the conference will be published on the official website of the project and on YouTube. A version of the conference will be published as an electronic issue in English called “New policies in art audiovisual and creative industries” which will be published on the website of the publishing house of the Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski. Streaming partner of the conference: Webit.

The project is funded by the National Scientific Fund of the Ministry of Science and Education of Bulgaria and it is managed by a team of researchers from the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski in partnership with the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies: Prof. Veselina Valkanova, Prof. Ivanka Iankova, Prof. Evgeni Velev, Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Stankova, Assoc. Prof. Kamelia Nusheva, Merian Veleva, Ph.D., and Prof. Teodora Petrova (Project Manager).

About the project:

The main goal of the project is, by providing the necessary scientific information resource, to build a model of an effective visual-communicative and media environment for the formation and education of new audiences in the field of arts and cultural and creative industries through shared spaces. As a theoretical model, it will provide the necessary critical perspectivism for rethinking the current policies and practices for attracting audiences and ensuring participation in the artistic life and artistic processes in Bulgaria, for developing concepts, programs, and strategies, ensuring a new effective approach for the development of educational and educational access to artistic content and the aesthetic-artistic development and artistic activity of the individual, the community and society as a whole, and for the construction of a new socio-cultural environment.

Among the sub-goals are: the enrichment of methods and approaches for understanding the visual-plastic arts and for creating a national artistic context, stimulating creative processes and facilitating two-way communication between creators and consumers of art; study of world trends in art and familiarization with European and world experience in leading and managing institutional and public organizational structures in the field of visual-plastic arts and culture in general, in the context of forming artistic-aesthetic culture and educating new audiences; study and analysis of the visual-communicative mechanisms for constructing modern visual culture, considered as a dynamic unity of cultural, artistic and visual practices, habits and skills, shared visual-communicative spaces and artistic values, new media, models of presentation and representation, etc.

In pragmatic terms, this means developing the strategic theoretical framework and successive practical steps to implement the model of an effective visual-communicative environment in which art creators and consumers, producers of cultural products and services, cultural and art mediators, potential and new audiences, collectors, patrons, the subjects of cultural and entertainment activity, subjects of cultural policy, cultural and creative industries, representatives of professional art guild organizations, etc., to function efficiently and effectively and to respond adequately to the challenges of the global art market and this of cultural products and services. In this sense, the project includes the construction of a pilot brand of a shared art space and the formation of a community artistic identity.