Case Study

XXIV National Yearly Conference of BNDSEHA

Virtual conference and expo for large professional organization with international participation

The Challenge

Virtualizing a national yearly medical conference with continuous remote participation of speakers and guests from all over the world, while also providing an interactive, tailor-made, virtual expo within an easy to navigate virtual venue. A number of interactivity features available for the audience, including moderated Questions and Answers.


  • Successful remote participation of speakers and attendees globally - mixture between national and international speakers, all of whom participating remotely
  • Custom expo area featuring over 10 exhibitors and a vast variety of digital resources available to all guests of the event
  • Localized interface for maximum engagement and ease of access of all guests of the virtual event
  • Real time interaction between audience and speakers, featuring moderated QnA
  • Easy to navigate virtual venue with closed access requiring a simple, yet effective authentication process
  • Professionally produced content with a two-step process dedicated to ease of participation of speakers
  • Tailored branding within content and virtual venue, with options and featured logos throughout in any of the 7+ variants of virtual scenes and multiple virtual venue locations
  • Support staff guaranteeing exclusive pre and during event support for speakers and virtual venue guests alike

The Solution

A custom made localized virtual venue, allowing for a number of functionalities, such as a custom made expo area, agenda, speakers corner. The different areas of the custom virtual venue could be accessed with just one click of the mouse, allowing for maximum engagement of all attendees. All sponsors and partners were able to be featured interactively throughout the production and the virtual venue.

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