Case Study

United Nations Climate Dialogues 2020

Virtual video conferencing and virtual expo solution for global international organization

The Challenge

Hosting the fully virtual main cross governmental negotiations (including the high security meetings) between all countries as part of the Climate Dialogues 2020 forum as well as the whole 10 days event, utilizing a number of workshops, closed high security discussion sessions, networking lounges, exhibition and additional resources with the venue itself lasting for over 30 days.

Virtual Stage


  • Fully virtual participation without geographical limitations of speakers from any point worldwide
  • Multiple concurrent sessions running at the same time
  • Content featuring a variety of scenes contributing to a dynamic experience for presenters
  • Great flexibility in users agendas - ability for each user to add sessions that they are interested in to their personal agendas
  • Sessions available on demand
  • Limitless networking possibilities - networking lounges, 1:1 meetings between attendees, creation of personalized ecosystems of contacts
  • Themed exhibition stands with a number of resources in various formats (images, documents & more)
  • Over a week full of live events for all attendees and all content available for more than 30 days afterwards
  • Simultaneous translation in 6 languages allowing for a truly borderless event
  • Over 60 workshop sessions facilitating discussions

The Solution

TheVirtual.Show platform successfully hosted all attendees of the Climate Dialogues 2020 on a virtual platform allowing for the attendees constant engagement with the content (and also between each other) for more than 10 days. The event featured a number of networking lounge spaces divided by themes and in each users were able to interact and make new contacts.

The virtual venue was able to support all of the 35,000 virtual attendees in all sorts of meetings between them, contributing to a truly dynamic mixture of high security, closed, discussion meetings and fully publicly content production sessions with virtual scenes featuring over 10 different designs and virtual elements and a number of interactive features for attendees to enjoy, including 5 networking lounges, chat between attendees, the ability for attendees to create ecosystems, a dedicated resources center, help desk, personal command center and much more.

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